After leaving university Robin Lyons studied at the Laban Art Of Movement Studio (1972-73). As well as working in the theatre, in the 1970’s he taught movement to children at the Rubicon Centre in Cardiff, choreographed pieces for the stage and became a dance critic, writing mainly for the Guardian but also for the Western Mail and, occasionally, Dance and Dancers.

The first of his choreographic pieces was a dramatic evocation of the life and work of Dorothy Parker, “You Might As Well Live”, performed in the Sherman Arena Theatre in 1997.

This was followed a year or two later by a musical dance theatre piece about Tiger Bay, “Johnny Darkie”, also performed in the Sherman Theatre. Live music was performed by Sphere, a Bristol based jazz band featuring the now internationally acclaimed saxophonist Andy Sheppard.

In the early 80’s he choreographed a piece called “Spot The Ball” as part of a dance programme presented by the contemporary music group, The New Arts Consort. This was about football and used costumes kindly lent by Cardiff City Football Club and the Referee’s Association.

His final piece was part of an evening of dance presented under the umbrella “Dance Wales”. This was “Dream” and used music by the Everly Brothers.

All these pieces featured performances by his then partner and future wife, Caroline Lamb.

From the mid 80’s his television career took over and though he continued for some years as a critic, his career as a choreographer progressed no further.